Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Cake for

Cake4kids.or Cake

An emergency cake was requested by Cake4Kids last night to be delivered today.  Created quite the stir as we're usually notified at least one to two weeks in advance.  I happened to be baking a cake for a separate project due this Saturday, and I figured I had enough time to remake the cake, so I quickly voluntered for this last minute request.

Normally, I would have doctored a box cake mix as I find people are more accepted to those flavors but I just took what I already had out cooling on my racks.  The cake was a white cake with chopped oreos, a personal favorite, with vanilla buttercream frosting and a mix of marshmallow and store bought fondant accents.  I should've spent a little bit more time on trying to smooth out the frosting; the impossible to get sharp corners are one of the reasons why I prefer circle cakes over square cakes.  Also, I haven't figured out the best way to get the fondant out of the ABC cutouts.  You can see the marks from pushing them out with a rounded stick.

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