Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another Doctored Cake Mix Cake (


This week, I made another cake for Cake4Kids.  It was another doctored cake mix cake; this time a Devil's Food one which I adapted from the same recipe from my last post.  Unfortunately, I wasn't as blown away with this doctored version.  Maybe it's because I already found a chocolate cake from scratch that I swear by.  One thing about this cake that I loved was being able to use the new Wilton Make Any Message Letter Press Set I bought this week.  Good bye to fondant sticking inside those ABC cut outs!  Also, I remembered this time to use the Viva Towel Method.  Still not the smoothest looking chocolate buttercream frosting but better than the last one I made!  Wasn't given much direction on this cake, so I just went with blue and green marshmallow fondant accents.

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