Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Purple Flowers Birthday Cake

Ever since I discovered, i heart baking's blog, I have been so eager to try a filling of fresh strawberries and whipped cream.  The opportunity struck when a friend requested a white cake with strawberries and purple flowers for their daughter's birthday.  The cake was to feed 20 adults and 15 kids; so I went with a three layer 8 inch cake but next time for this type of filling, I would stick to 2 cake layers max and torte, if necessary.  The cake was really heavy and I am not sure it was good idea for this type of filling.

 A dam of vanilla cream cheese buttercream filled with a layer of whipped cream frosting, fresh strawberries, and more whipped cream frosting.

Also, because of the fresh fruit and whip cream, I kept it in the fridge after it was decorated.  It's a go to white cake recipe which I used here and here with great results.  But, this time around, I noticed that it was a bit dry. I don't know whether the fridge dried it out or I simply over baked it as my oven was freaking out that day.  Overall, it still tasted good and it turned out as I imagined.

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