Sunday, February 27, 2011

Frozen Buttercream Transfer

frozen buttercream transfer

Cake4Kids held a photography class for its volunteers and I offered to make the cake for the event.  I used the opportunity to practice a new technique and to use my new pastry scraper.  I even piped borders for the first time!

I'm not surprised that the only other all buttercream cake I decorated was a 6-inch lemon chiffon cake I made for Mother's day.  Buttercream cakes scare me more than fondant cakes!  However, aftermaking this particular cake, I am a little less scared.  I love how smooth the pastry scraper got my frosting.  I didn't even have to revert to my go to paper towel method.

So, the new technique I got to practice was making a frozen buttercream transfer.  I love how simple and clean yet fancy the cake looks because of the added touch!

frozen buttercream transfer step 1
First, I traced a picture of my dog Patches that my brother created for me onto a piece of parchment paper and taped it onto my cutting board face down.

frozen buttercream transfer step 2
Then, I traced over the lines using the Wilton Ready To Use Icing Tube in black with a #2 tip.

frozen buttercream transfer step 3
Next, I filled in the picture accordingly with my go to vanilla buttercream frosting using an angled spatula.

frozen buttercream transfer step 4
Then, I created an additional white border around the entire image to help make it pop once on the cake.

frozen buttercream transfer step 5
Last, I covered the entire image with frosting; pressing down slightly to remove any air pockets.  I froze the image overnight and the next morning, I placed it onto the cake and the parchment paper peeled right off.

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