Friday, April 22, 2011

Angry Birds Sugar Cookies

It's my friend's 30th birthday today and I'm flying out to San Diego as we speak to help her celebrate this weekend!  I didn't want to risk making a cake or cupcakes and having it confiscated at the security check point; so, I decided on something I can easily pack into my carry on bag, sugar cookies.  She is as addicted to the Angry Birds game as I am so I knew this would be a cute and fun gift.

After sketching out the images and writing up the schematics, I got a bit nervous with how much work it would be for me.  My sugar cookie decorating skills are very limited.  But then, I realized that I could just use fondant!  Having never tasted fondant on a sugar cookie, I definitely made sure that these cookies were nice and thick.  I even found the greatest way to measure the thickness of the cookies; I rolled the dough out in between two chopsticks I had laying around which measured 1/4 inch thick exactly!

1 comment:

  1. Hi, I love the angry bird. But I wonder how do you get the fondants colored nicely?


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