Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Championship Belt Cake

First time working with chocolate ganache (adapted from Cake Central) as I needed to cover the chocolate cake as clean as possible without using a lot of MMF because the birthday cake recipient doesn't like it.  Read it works wonders as many have come to replace butter cream with ganache under fondant even.  After this first attempt and a bit more practice, I might be converting as well.  It was easy to work with.  Loved that I could just take a hot spatula and smooth out all the rough spots afterwards.  However, I could've done a cleaner job.  One thing I had problem with was the luster dust.  Wanted the fondant pieces to pop out but I couldn't quite get it.  The "buttons" were mini M&Ms.

SPECIAL NOTE: I got help with this one.  My sister drew on the falcon and my brother did the blocked text with the edible ink pens as I am far too artistically inept.  Thanks guys!

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