Friday, April 23, 2010

C is for Cookies.. and Cupcakes

Because I couldn't decide between the cookies and cream cupcakes and the snickerdoodle cupcakes, I decided to make both!

My sister's coworkers got to sample the snickerdoodle cupcakes (from Martha Stewart) which we both agreed tasted exactly like the cookie.  I stayed true to the recipe and stuck with the 7-minute frosting.  Nerve wrecking as I never worked with a cooked frosting before and I was unsure whether it would make it the next day.

My brother's coworkers got to sample the oreo cupcakes which was basically a white cake with chopped Oreo cookies (adapted from Cake Central) .  I frosted these two different ways as I so scared about the oreo whipped cream frosting (adapted from Annie's Eats) not being able to hold up.  The second frosting was an oreo buttercream frosting (adapted from All Recipes) which paled in comparison.  I loved the whipped cream frosting.  Taste like a scoop of ice cream.  I should've stuck to the whipped cream frosting as all the cupcakes were kept covered in the fridge overnight anyway.

The pile of dishes I had to wash every time I started a new recipe.  A pain to start and stop each time.  I need more mixing bowls for my Kitchenaid.

Poor Patches felt neglected.

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  1. Poor patchy poo. That's a really cute picture of her. Oh and of the cupcakes too :p


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