Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tin Roof Ice Cream

I can't believe that summer is already coming to an official end with Labor Day weekend approaching just around the corner.  To top it off, I did not make a single batch of ice cream this entire summer!  With that realization, I decided to tackle tin roof ice cream which has been bookmarked in my copy of The Perfect Scoop for quite some time now.

The ice cream had so many different components but if you stick to a component a day, it's not as labor intensive as it seems.

First, I made the fudge ripple.

Then, I made the chocolate covered peanuts.

Last, I made the vanilla ice cream base.

I 've had huge successes with the philadephia style vanilla ice cream but this time, I went with the french style vanilla ice cream.  The egg yolks made a world of a difference!  It was so rich and creamy.  My test tasters thought they were eating caramel ice cream.

Though summer is officially coming to an end, I definitely don't see that as a reason to stop making.. and eating ice cream.  This batch only encouraged me to step out of my hiatus.

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