Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mochi Ice Cream

My mom has been raving about the green tea mochi ice cream she recently discovered at Japanese restaurants.  So, of course, I volunteer to make her some.

Making the green tea ice cream was easy as I used the recipe from The Perfect Scoop.  I thought it was a bit sweeter than what I'm used to though.  To make things easier, I froze the ice cream in a mini muffin tray.

The green tea mochi recipe was adapted from All Recipes.  Instead of mixing the flour with water, I used green tea!  This stuff was so sticky.  Me being me wanted everything to be uniform.  I started out rolling the mochi and using my circle cutters to make circles to wrap the ice cream.  Then, I realized that I was tinkering way too much with the mochi that it would just ooze out ice cream at random thin spots.  So then, I decided to cut out blobs of the mochi and hand stretch it out.  You have to work fast!  Towards the end when the ice cream discs were melting, I had a lot of trouble sealing it.

All in all, it tasted great, just like the ones in the restaurants but I told my mom I'm going to leave this one to the experts.

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  1. :o No way. For starters - I love your blog though I have never commented on it. It's so helpful and you have some wonderful recipes!

    As for the no way, I was thinking about, oh, an hour ago about how I need to make myself some mochi ice cream. Due to a medical problem I cannot have a lot of fat (booo) so I can't eat the ones you find in stores. And then, after clicking on your new cookie post from foodgawker, I found this post! I was wondering how I was going to make the ice cream stay whole while I wrapped it and you just solved that - Thank you!

    - Eve


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